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Welcome to the official website of City Capital SA Property Holdings Limited (Registration number 2005/031237/06).

Here you will be able to access information and news regarding the company, its properties and affairs.

For detailed information regarding the property portfolio, financial information and valuations, please create/register for yourself a user account at the bottom right of this page, after which you will be able to log in and access this information. This registration is free of charge.




Latest News

For all official information and updates regarding COVID-19, visit the South African Department of Health's website at


Suspension of share repurchases


The board has temporarily suspended the repurchase of shares in the light of high property portfolio vacancies and uncertainty regarding finance for the purchase of apartment blocks at OakHills Estate. Read more ...


All resolutions approved at the recent AGM


Shareholders approved all resolutions tabled at the recent AGM. Read more ...


COVID-19 update report

The board has issued a report to shareholders concerning the COVID-19 outbreak. Read more ...


Development progress


The development and construction of 17 on Cluver in Stellenbosch has been completed with the issue of an occupation certificate by the Stellenbosch Municipality on 11 December 2019.  Transfer of 16 sections that were sold has been registered by the deeds office. A further section that have been sold will be registered before 30 Aoril 2021.  All of the unsold apartments have been leased for 2021 at good rentals.  Marketing efforts are continuing to dispose of the remaining 9 sections. Click on for details.


On 26 March 2020, the Stellenbosch Municipality issued approval for the development of OakHills Estate outside Stellenbosch. A sales agreement, subject to the successful approval of finance, for 7 blocks of apartments has been signed with a purchaser. We await confirmation of finance approval that is expected by the end of March 2021. The remaining 5 blocks of apartments will be purchased by City Capital. In the interim the property has been handed over to the appointed civil contractor for preparation and security of the site.  Click on for details.


Dividend announcement


The board has made an announcement regarding a dividend for the second half of the 2019 financial year. Read more ...


Share repurchase at 60 cents per share


The board has announced an opportunity for shareholders of the company to dispose of their shares to the company at 60 cents per share.

Read more ...